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VacationRentPayment is the leading payment solution for the vacation rental industry.

By delivering the convenience of electronic payments, VacationRentPayment is the go-to payment solution for property managers, owners and their guests.

The Only True
Flat-Rate Pricing

No multiple tiers or laundry list of fees like ‘cost plus’ competitors


Straightforward monthly statement without hidden fees

Extensive Network of
Software Integrations

Extensive partnerships with software integrations of all sizes

One-Stop Shop with
Gateway & Processing

In-house gateway for a seamless experience
Easy integration with merchant accounts
Select gateway, processing or both


Dedicated account management team
Expert chargeback support
Customer service, 7 days a week


Why choose VacationRentPayment?

Powered by the YapStone™ payment platform, VacationRentPayment brings 15 years of industry-specific payment processing experience to more than 300,000 vacation rental properties across the country. By offering VacationRentPayment to your guests, you enable an integrated way of accepting payments for vacation home rentals that includes multiple payment channels and major methods of payment. You also benefit from a simple cost-effective flat rate, advanced API, robust reporting and seamless integrations.

What are the fees to use VacationRentPayment?

VacationRentPayment offers low flat rates for processing on credit cards, debit cards and eChecks. Unlike other processors, VacationRentPayment does not pass on extra fees for reward cards and mileage cards. With VacationRentPayment you can avoid confusing tiered pricing or fluctuating interchange plus fees pricing plans. Your statements are transparent, predictable and easy to read, without surprise pass-through surcharges and extra transaction fees at the end of the month. Because there are no surprises, you can budget more effectively, ensuring positive cash flow month in and month out. When you contact VacationRentPayment, you can expect to receive a competitive custom quote based on your personal card mix and volume.

How does VacationRentPayment integrate with reservation software?

VacationRentPayment offers integrations with all leading vacation rental reservation software programs in the industry. With an integrated VacationRentPayment gateway and merchant account, you can process online payments directly through your reservation software. In addition, you will have access to a back-end VacationRentPayment virtual terminal which includes access to multiple online accounting reports.

Does VacationRentPayment accept alternative payment processors?

VacationRentPayment is an all-in-one solution that offers an in-house payment gateway and merchant processing. If you are currently using a different payment processor, VacationRentPayment will provide personal assistance in transitioning your merchant account.

Is it safe to process payments online?

VacationRentPayment offers the highest levels of card security. By choosing VacationRentPayment, your payments will process securely through the payment gateway. During this process, VacationRentPayment takes your client’s sensitive debit and credit card information and substitutes the data with a non-sensitive equivalent, decreasing the likelihood of security breach. For seven years running, VacationRentPayment has successfully completed its annual PCI audit. As a Level One processor, the VacationRentPayment payments platform meets the highest information security standard level set forth in the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).